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Ancestor Legacy: we discover Saladin’s Conquest

We were able to try Ancestor Legacy’s DLC, Saladin’s Conquest, in direct collaboration with 1C Entertainment.

The freshness of the classic

Ancestor Legacy returns to our computers thanks to this DLC that can entertain us for about ten hours. The setting changes considerably: we are no longer in the Europe of the dark centuries, but in the dusty area of the Middle East. Akka, Jerusalem will be two cities that we will meet on our way (and that we will have to conquer).

The door of Akka

In Saladin’s Conquest we will retrace a likely period in which Salah Ad-din crossed Egypt and Syria with one of the greatest armies of all time. If you’ve played Ancestor Legacy, you know that in reality there aren’t the colossal battles of Total War, but rather the – very varied – soldiers to command.

Three new units are added to this DLC:

  • Murderers: A unit capable of camouflaging itself in the enemy’s area and catching him from behind. In Saladin’s Conquest, we will have the opportunity – during the campaign – to make the most of these possibilities and learn the subtle art.
  • Grenadiers: a deadly distance unit against infantry, but unfortunately extremely weak once reached in close combat
  • Lo Scorpione: the re-proposition in an oriental key of the famous Balista with which to sow panic in the enemy ranks

The campaign is quite varied, with indications that differentiate the experience and that continue to focus strongly on the gameplay of Ancestor Legacy: short skirmishes, bite and run attacks, ambushes … The objectives know how to entertain the player and do not bore. Too bad for the brevity of the same (a dozen hours to the highest difficulties), because we have so much enjoyed this classic return.

Technically, the game remains excellent in the audio sector, but a bit subdued in the graphics, not that this affects the overall assessment.

A short DLC that could intrigue you and maybe even make you buy the basic game, which we greatly appreciated at its release. Here is the original review of Ancestor Legacy.

You can buy Saladin’s Conquest for $9.99 on Steam.