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F1 2019: Release and News

After the official release date of the new Codemasters title on Formula 1, some news on the video game is revealed today through a press release.

Early release

June 28, 2019, is the date you have to print in your mind, since on that day F1 2019 is scheduled to be released, with 2 months ahead of the previous chapter. What to say? An aspect that we treated a few months ago about the improvements that would have improved the video game in its entirety has been confirmed, and we are extremely enthusiastic about it.

A very important addition

Obviously, the license on the Formula 1 World Championship is on the agenda (we wouldn’t have a game otherwise), but the introduction of Formula 2 was also announced, which will also allow us to play the world championship of the homonymous category. At the time of the championship is scheduled last year, but it was confirmed adding DLC free current year’s edition.

Classic cars

Already present in past editions of the video game, this year Codemasters offers us 18 classic single-seaters, including the Ferrari F2007, the Williams FW18 (’96) and the Lotus 72D (’72). In addition to the 18 in the basic game, there will also be other single-seaters in collector’s editions, including those driven in 1990 by Senna and Prost in the exciting duels of that edition of the Formula 1 championship.