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Infected Shelter: The Red Blood RPG

Infected Shelter is the debut title of Dark Blue Games on Steam. Released May 8 in early access version it is rather classic scrolling arcade Action-RPG but with a character all its own.

The beginning of infection.

The title does not bring a great story to tell. As with many other exponents of the genre, it merely provides the first incipit to justify the game action. In this case, the introduction tells of an unspecified epidemic, which turned thousands of people into monsters.

In this first version you can choose between two alternatives of highly customizable characters: A young rock musician armed with a guitar and a more distinguished niece but armed with her own grandfather complete with a wheelchair. From the selection onwards he perceives the light-hearted and caricature tone of the offer, which with the progression between levels and boss-fight is more accentuated with some really hilarious creative finds.

Weapons in hand

In a few seconds of play we will be the masters of all the offensive game mechanics and we will be able to indulge ourselves in the attack on the various creatures. The bestiary in play is varied and moves on quite varied patterns of movement based on the attack it brings as a dowry. Here emerges some balancing and hit-box problems, especially in winged creatures. In particular it seems more like having to hit the air column under the bird than the bird itself.

There are many usable weapons and they will play a really important role in the progression between the various levels. In addition to the default ones of your character we will find a varied set of weapons that can be collected from the ground at various stages of our journey. We will be able to indulge them with every type of blunt instrument or firearms left on the ground by some enemy.

Without forgetting, however, that every offensive instrument will have a limited duration, so that the continuous recycling of equipment is essential to continue.

Progression and enhancements

During raids in Infected Shelter we will be able to collect not only weapons and equipment useful for immediate sustenance, but also real enhancements. These are mainly cosmetic items that will guarantee, in addition to a different look, also some bonuses such as increased luck, damage caused and resistance to bleeding.

The system is easy to learn as it is important to master.

Infected Shelter is not a simple title, rather it requires a certain commitment to be played alone. It certainly encourages a co-op approach. Also available locally.

Infected Shelter for now …

It is a title with no particular claims, but capable of entertaining with its carefree and stable offer after all. Funny in co-op even with a HUD interface that isn’t very easy to read. Healthy double bearer now almost completely forgotten!

Limited in animations and with something to review in the general hit-box.