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Killer Chambers – The celebration of the rage quit!

Killer Chambers is an action-platformer released last April 5 on Steam by the Italian Village Bench, who kindly provided us with keys to write this review.

Killer Chambers – repeat death

Our digital alter-ego is Brave Lord , a nobleman who is enjoying a delicious meal in the introduction. He is interrupted by a servant who – with somewhat disconnected phrases – informs him to go to the Royal Palace because there has been some kind of attack.

Brave Lord sets out to shed light on the dark messages received and, if the circumstances were favorable, take the opportunity to become King. However, the doors of the building were closed due to the attack, so he must make his way through the sewers to reach it.

Here we will meet the ghost Lord Grave, a strange individual who will not waste time finding a way to kill us. In fact, thanks to the Palazzo’s defense system, it will devise ever more subtle traps to take away our lives.

Unfortunately for him, Brave Lord possesses a singular ability: when he dies his body respawn as if nothing had happened. Taking advantage of this ability, we can then make our way through the various rooms full of traps in search of a road to the throne room.

Simple and hectic gameplay

The gameplay of Killer Chambers is very simple: whenever we enter into a room will activate traps. Once we’ve got them all triggered by jumps, sags and dodges, we’ll get the key to open the door to the next room. Should we die inside the room, our character will spawn in the middle of the room and the traps will restart from the beginning: no pause or loading between one attempt and another.

Each level can be faced with three increasing degrees of difficulty: at the first level we will earn the key, at the second we will be able to collect coins while at the third we will get our hands on the gems.

Coins and gems can be spent in the shop for items and hats with special abilities that will help us in the course of our adventure.

At the end of each plan we will find a Boss waiting for us, whose level will have slightly different dynamics. In fact the eventual respawn of our character will not be synchronized with the movements of the Boss causing an asynchrony with the series of traps that will further increase the difficulty.


Village Bench – a small studio formed by the brothers Carlo and Pietro Orlandi – has managed to create an original and engaging video game starting from a very simple idea. This is the strength of Killer Chambers : the extremely fast and intuitive gameplay .

We must avoid traps: simple as an idea, difficult to reach. Although the single level needs just over a minute to be beaten, you will find yourself repeating it several times because of that last trap that you just can’t impress on your memory and that will inevitably kill you. Not to mention the pauses between one session and another so as not to risk breaking the screen from anger or annoying the neighbors with screams of frustration.

A love-hate that will surely involve you in this title realized thanks to skilful use of pixel art and seasoned with the nice irony of the characters you will meet.

If you have already supplied yourself with an antacid, you can buy Killer Chambers on Steam for only 3.99 euros: it is difficult to find a game of this quality at this price!