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MidKnight Story – Voices by Kickstarter

Welcome back to our “Kickstarter’s Voices” column. Today we want to point out MidKnight Story, an ambitious project carried out by one person: Mattia Ciurlino.

MidKnight Story is an open world GDR set in Numia, a steampunk fantasy world consisting mainly of islands. The project is carried out by Mattia Ciurlino, Italian graduate in marketing in America and passionate about video games.

The player will follow the story of Paran, a scavanger, and Sumael, an engineer. Their lives will be shaken by the finding of the Durindana sword.

The gameplay of the game will be focused on exploring dungeons with a classic system of experience points, levels and character upgrades.

The fighting will be developed around Paran’s two weapons: sword and guns. It’s up to us to decide in each fight whether it’s better to attack at close range or use the surrounding environment to fill our enemies with bullets.

The title promises an immersive game storyline to follow in a fully explorable and lively world, where interaction with objects and other characters will be essential to progress through the game.

After The Ballad Singer and Out of the Hat, here’s another all-Italian project to rely on the famous crowfunding platform.

The goal for MidKnight Story is 45,000 euros and at the moment there are just under 1,000. The Kickstarter campaign will end this Friday, so hurry up and make a donation and take home a PC copy – via Steam or Epic Store – for just 20 euros.

The title has all the potential to prove to be a small masterpiece of the gaming world and it is truly extraordinary that it is developed by one person, so hurry up to participate in the campaign. As always, I’ve already done it! Good luck Mattia!

Update of 22/05
The goal of 45,000 euros was reached and the first stretch goal was unlocked: a skin for Paran!

Update of 23/05
Also reached the second: a hoverboard vehicle with which our character can move faster between the various islands.

Below is an infographic with the remaining stretch goals.